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"Bringing spaces to life, one
thread at a time.
Hi, I'm Megha

At the heart of my craft lies a passion for designing and creating Macrames that can uplift any space with freshness. Collaborating with designers, art collectors, and individuals alike, I find boundless joy in crafting pieces that not only beautify a space but also infuse it with depth and meaning.

I like to play with materials such as cotton, bamboo, jute, acrylic and many more. Each creation is a journey of discovery and expression. Meeting new people, ideating new designs and making happy clients are my source of inspiration.


Personally, the rhythmic patterns and movements during creation bring a sense of calm and fulfillment to my soul. The art form is surely my way to Breathe, Pause and Admire simple moments of life.

Start by filling out the contact form. Share a little about yourself, your vision, and the space you want to enhance with a textile piece.

Get in touch

We'll schedule a consultation call to discuss your vision and preferences. During or after our discussion, I'll provide you with a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the project and estimated costs.

Initial Consultation

Upon agreeing to move forward, we'll formalize the arrangement with a commission agreement. A deposit is required to secure your slot in my schedule.

Agreement & Deposit

I'll begin sketching preliminary ideas based on our discussions and your input. We'll schedule another call to review these sketches together and ensure they align with your vision.

Sketches & Ideas

Once you've provided feedback on the initial sketches, I'll refine the design further, incorporating any adjustments or additional ideas you may have.

Creation Process

Upon completion of the piece, I'll arrange for delivery to your desired location. You'll receive your custom artwork along with any necessary installation instructions or hardware.

Commission Process
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