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Breathe. Pause & Admire.

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hello there! Let me start by introducing myself. (Also, this is my first blog ever, experiencing butterflies in my stomach. I hope you guys like it.) Firstly, warm greetings to everyone who has landed on this page. I am Megha Jain, founder at Studio Pause. An interior designer & stylist by profession, I have been inclined towards art ever since I was a kid. From stitching clothes for my Barbie dolls, to making my own funky jewellery. From making greeting cards and gift boxes, to trying my hands on paper mache`, bread craft, crochet, oil paintings and many more. Phew! I have done quite a bit of beautiful art since childhood! As a little girl, I already knew my future calling. I exactly knew what I wanted to do. Lucky me, isn't it? Carrying my childhood dream, I turned my this passion into a career option twice. I started a small business of Gifting solutions & greeting cards. Unfortunately, that did not turn out well. Maybe I lacked the confidence to believe in its beauty and to turn it into a successful career option. But as they say, Failure is not the end of a dream, it is a part of success. Indeed! That's when I sat back and realized that I needed something in my life that would help me sustain and instill belief in myself as I work towards it. I wanted something bigger and that would actually help me to make a difference in lives. I listed down all my options in the field of art and what I wanted to portray as a brand. And Boom! I had my answer. 'Lifestyle products that would promote slow & conscious living.' So, here I am today, doing what I love and growing each day - mentally, spiritually and ofcourse, professionally. This is just a glimpse of the bigger picture. I am truly hoping to learn new things, grow and help spread the idea of slow and conscious living through my art in any form. And needless to say, making every effort towards it.

I am not saying I am "there" yet. But, What is "there" ? Where is "there"? Will there ever be a "there"? Is it so necessary to get "there"? I don't think there will ever come a day in our lives when we feel or can say "I am there" and it's done. No! It is a process, and a beautiful one. So enjoy "here", enjoy "now". Celebrate "here" & celebrate "now". Because you are always growing & better than yesterday. And that's what my friend, is getting "there"! :)

So let's just Breathe, Pause & Admire where we are today :)

Be Kind,

Studio Pause

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