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Let's Talk All things Macrame!

We all have either heard of Macrame or have seen the art form...or maybe both. But now since you have landed on this page, let me start by introducing you to Macrame through my eyes.

An art of knotting cords into beautiful patterns, this art is so meditative and mindful that it, thus, is a very good exercise for the brain and soothing to the eye. Just the whole process of it knotting and coming out as a beautiful piece of art is mesmerizing. As one of my friend recently quoted and I love how true it is "DO KNOT underestimate the power of a KNOT". It is so amazing to see how tying different types of knots in repetition or pattern can create a beautiful art work.

Now let's dive deeper into it. The most commonly used cords are leather, nylon and cotton. You can go as creative and use any kind of yarn/rope/cord to do macrame. The different types used are silk, cotton, jute, leather, nylon,hemp, lenin, wool etc.

Would you like to give it a shot? Well, I am sure you can't wait either to create this beautiful piece with your hands. So let me take you through this!

Grab your supplies and you are good to go. Even if you are a non-artist, trust me you can do this!

Here are some materials you need, to get yourself started on your first Macrame piece:

1. Scissors

2. Measuring Tape

3. Scotch Tape

4. Dowel Stick or any type of stick you can hang on your rope to.

5. Rope of any kind

6. S hooks (To hang the dowel stick)

Let me introduce you to three basic knots here:

- Lark's head Knot

- Full Square Knot

- Spiral Knot

Before we start, you should know two things:

a. Firstly, The cords you work with are called the WORKING CORDS.

b. Secondly, The cords you work on or around are called the FILLER CORDS.

c. Remember to tape the ends of the rope you cut, to avoid untwisting/tangling of the ropes.

d. Take 4-6 times the length of the final product you need or want to create. (Will be talking about how to cut ropes in my next blog, as it needs a detailed explanation.)




Try these simple knots in repetition or in a pattern of your choice to create a Macrame Wall hanging.

Exciting isn't it? Trust me, this art is such that you will just not get enough! Personal experience after all. 😉.

Hope this blog was informative and you could take away basic learning. Please do try this and leave your comments below on your experience!

Be Kind,

Studio Pause

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