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Days of Pause!

A moment of Stillness is the Key!

I have been off Social Media for a while now, thought would give myself a break from this ever growing world around. You guys know how social media can get over-whelming and exhausting, especially when you are the sole person handling all the stuff from creating content, to photography, to taking orders, executing them, posting on social media! Phew! It does get too hectic!

I feel I have been blessed with knowing when my body and mind needs a break/pause. I have always been someone who cannot go against my will when I don’t feel like doing things from within. An important lesson of - 'Learning to not go against your will and accepting that it is okay to slow down at times' has immensely helped me live a calmer lifestyle. Your body, mind and soul needs as much attention and love as your work and your loved ones. Don't you all agree? Hence I always make sure that I take my days off when I need to, Pause to recreate, re-energize, re- center and just be!

The times of stillness and pause are the times where I beautifully unleash my creativity and shower some self-love and invest in my mental health. Which by the way, I am very serious about in my life.

On these days of Pause, I rejuvenate myself by reading some worthy books, watching Netflix, spending time with family & friends, cooking, cleaning (one of my favorites), writing, giving myself a good oil massage, working out and of course doing craft and creating art! I am also trying to inculcate the 'Dichariya' practice, you can get to know more about it from my Instagram Highlight (do check it on my page). If not all I make sure I do something for my physical and mental health every day. And that's the best gift I can give to myself.

This break is also important to help me introspect, reflect on my doings and a way to get to know myself better. It’s a time of real growth.

I have always believed in the divine timing of the universe and touchwood, things have magically fallen into place for me. Thus, I urge you guys too, to give yourself a break from Social media, or anything that is stressing you or bringing down your energy. Give yourself the gift of 'Pause' and invest that time in YOU!

Here are a few things that I do to keep my time limited on social media. Hope it helps you guys too -

As I have to take orders and answer to queries on my page, I make sure I only use it for that purpose and exit from there once my work is done. And when I am posting too, I post and leave. Ofcourse I get queries on my business but I prefer taking those queries on my whatsapp/email. Because I am sure you would agree - Once you start scrolling, Oh Boy! You always go all the way down uncontrollably and then you realize your hour has been lost! Hence, to keep a track on my usage, I take help from apps that keep a check on my intake of social media or time on the internet. Setting a timer helps, like 15 mins or half n hour in a day and automatically the app gets locked. Or, if you feel its too challenging for you maybe you can tell someone at home to set a lock for you on the apps which consume your time. And maybe you can do something nice for them to retrieve the password. Win-win situation, you see!

It can be a reward you give to yourself too, like if there is pending work, make sure you touch your phone only once the work is done, otherwise you don’t get to use your phone. Play these little games with your brain, it really really helps! It is too easy for all of us to get consumed and fall into the trap of internet and social media, especially at these times.

But, It is just so beautiful to Pause, Breathe & Admire!

Try it and let me know in the comment section below if you too love taking a pause once a while. And also, what do you do in those "Days of Pause"?

Love & Be Kind,

Studio Pause

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