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Welcome to my world !

Hello there! 
This is Megha, the founder of Studio Pause. Fancy a glance through my journey so far...

An interior designer by profession, been following my passion for handmade craft. What brought together Pause is, a dream that was wished upon since childhood! Creating and making things by hand is meditation for me and it gives me immense joy. I have been trying to make my passion my profession and turns out that's all I needed to do to uplift myself personally and professionally. I want to create art that would promote the idea of 'slow living'. Yes, that's right!  It's something that I truly believe in.  Don't we agree that we all need to appreciate the imperfections within us to create magic? I am sure we do. 

At Studio Pause, every piece of art has been made patiently. Thus, one has to pause to feel it, pause to admire it, and pause to hear the story behind it. Isn't that the beauty of art? Pause. Breathe. Admire

This is just a small part of me sharing with the world my idea of slow living and kindness.

This is my story and I would really love to take you all through this journey with me - which is of growing and creating art! 



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