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Commissioned Projects

We at Studio Pause are here to add to your Modern/contemporary interior walls. With our contemporary Macrame work of art be sure that these pieces will up the game of your spaces. We love to experiment with this art form with various knots, materials and fabrics. Creating abstract, geometric & structured pieces is our forte.



A mix of macrame and tapestry with neutral shades of yarns. Made for a dining space.

This product measures 54 inches wide and 36 inches long.

Material used: 8mm diameter brass rod & 100% natural cotton yarn & roving.


Under the Tuscan Sun

Shades of the Tuscan Sun creating an abstract work of art using multiple kinds of knotting techniques and yarns. Made for a living room to add some warmth and softness to the space. This piece measures 54 inches wide and 38 inches long.

Material used here are 100% natural cotton yarns, and dyed cotton yarns of different shades.

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